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“I am very pleased to have had Mr. David D’Intino as my legal representative when falsely accused. I connected with his office from information provided to me by the Law Society of Upper Canada’s helpline. During the unnecessary delays experienced during the legal proceedings, Mr. D’Intino was the level-headed legal professional needed at that time. The time spent in preparation for my trial was professional and well done. Following his advice of being quiet, saying nothing, and say only what was asked of me was good guidance, personally extremely helpful. 

When in private, he allowed me to blow my annoyance as matters went along at an extremely slow tedious path. His attitude of being ready, willing, and able to defend me was a good experience.

A Defence lawyer is expensive, the price of my innocence was worth the price paid to maintain that.

  •  Jeff

I got into some trouble for the first time ever in 2016 and was completely panic-stricken before I found David online. I had zero knowledge of the judicial system and left my number for him to call me back. When David called me back he stayed on the phone with me for over 30 minutes, carefully detailing everything I should expect and what I should do next. I was so relieved. I hired him immediately following that phone call and would highly suggest that you do too if you need a criminal lawyer.

He was extremely professional and helpful throughout the entire process. Any time I had questions or concerns he messaged or called me back immediately, or as soon as he could, every single time. He is extremely knowledgeable and will go out of his way to get the best possible outcome for you.  5/5 stars, hands down. 

  • Aliyah
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