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The justice system is far from fair and most certainly not perfect. Having “the truth on your side” is not enough. It is not the job of the Police to seek the truth, but rather to find evidence to support criminal charges. Exculpatory evidence is frequently overlooked or even lost. Innocent people are often convicted of offences they did not commit.

Your best bet for collecting and preserving evidence that can prove your innocence is to promptly retain legal counsel who can then ensure that this evidence is preserved. A good lawyer can help to uncover helpful evidence you may have overlooked and even uncover witnesses that can assist your case. A good lawyer can inform you of your Constitutional rights and any defences in law that you may have.

Even if you accept responsibility for a crime you are charged with, a good lawyer can help you negotiate the facts and can work with the courts to craft a sentence that provides with help for any addictions or mental health issues that you are suffering from.

David D'Intino has represented dozens of clients in cities all across Ontario, ranging from indecent act, to robbery, to domestic assault, frauds and theft. Mr. D’Intino is an ambitious, hard working and honest advocate who works tirelessly for his clients and their families.

Give David a call for a FREE, no obligation, half hour telephone consultation. David D'intino assists criminally charged clients in Oshawa, Toronto, Niagara and almost anywhere else in Southern Ontario.
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